Sunday, December 6, 2009

Energy Medicine: Why Isn't It More Popular?

A friend and client of mine emailed me today with the question, "Why do you think energy medicine isn't more popular? I received more answers and healing with only one quantum biofeedback session with you than from all of the doctors I've encountered in my entire life!" I have so many thoughts relating to this topic, and feel like sharing them with you as well! :)

First of all, let's look at the forces in power right now, shall we? The validity of energy medicine matters little when... oh, let's just call them, "THE BIG GUYS" (to keep it short) need million dollar houses & private jet planes, and POWER! They "need" these things so they do everything in their power to get them, even if it means lying and withholding valuable information from the public.

Look into the past at people like Galileo, who insisted that the Earth revolved around the sun. Everyone thought this guy was nuts so they threw him in jail. Back then they all "knew" for a "fact" that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Look at the Wright brothers who were ridiculed and called "The Lying Brothers" because nobody could fathom the idea of a machine that could fly in the sky with people in it. A machine could actually FLY people in the air? PHFFFTTT!!! Insanity, right? See, if you look at the history of science and inventions, you'll see that all these great discoveries were treated with extreme skepticism and hostility. One more example- in 1895, Marconi invented the radio and most people at that point in time refused to believe that it worked! It was sooooo spooooky! Even though there was obviously evidence that it worked, umm, because it actually WORKED, most people were afraid of it and wanted nothing to do with it because it was a new idea and not supported by the mainstream. But over the years, as the mainstream opinion supported these technological advances, people just sort of accepted them, even though in the beginning, it seemed absurd!

It seems like anything new & innovative goes through ridicule, ridicule and more ridicule only until THE BIG GUYS say it's valid. Today, nobody questions the validity of the radio or anything else that utilizes invisible waves, like a cell phone because these things have become accepted in the mainstream. Today almost everyone in the Western world has a cell phone, or 2, and I don't see anyone sh**ing their pants because they are using a device that operates with (what were once considered spooky) invisible waves. So why is this? Do people really understand how cell phones work? I don't think most people even think about this! We're still a culture of belief and idea adopting, without much thorough investigation. We listen to THE BIG GUYS before our own inner wisdom. Whatever they say goes! And many of keep our minds closed to the possibilities. Obviously, not all of us do this. A lot of people are starting to wake up now, which is encouraging, but I still see a lot of dogma lovers! I'm not judging these people harshly or anything. I know they're essentially beings of love and light- This is simply an observation. :)

When it comes to energy medicine and energy healing devices, I feel like a lot of us are like the people who were scared of the radio, or flatout refused to believe in it! So why is this? Well, I think it's pretty obvious- Energy healing simply hasn't become accepted by the mainsteam. Many people need that assurance from the mainstream- They need THE BIG GUYS to tell them what to believe! But just because something hasn't been accepted by the mainstream, does this really mean it's invalid? If you thoroughly do your research, or better yet, experience energy healing, you'll just know that it's an extremely valid and very beneficial type of healing.

THE BIG GUYS want you to believe in the lies because they make them money. For the most part, they really aren't looking out for your best interest. Sure, we might need them when it comes to emergency sitations, but overall, I feel they do waaay more harm than good! How on Earth is a synthetic drug going to help a person to heal? It's the most toxic, foreign thing you could put into your body, other than a concentrated solution of poison. I know if I was sick, the last thing I would want to do is go anywhere near poison... yet most drugs do have poison in them- maybe not enough to directly kill you, but over the months/ years, they certainly leave their mark in the form of.... man, don't even get me started on the list!!!

Only our bodies and nature know how to heal us! We must choose therapies and modalities that support our body's natural healing capabilities! We must realize that EVERYTHING in this Universe is energy, frequencies, VIBRATION!!! This is such a fundamental truth I feel, yet the "modern" medical industry still seem to be turning a blind eye to this fact! It's funny though, modern medicine doesn't acknowledge the fact that we are essentially energy, yet they use energy devices!!! When you see a cancer tumour on a CAT Scan, you're not looking at the physical cancer, you're reading the vibrational energy of cancer. What doctors do with this reading is use it as a map to show them where the cancer is in the body and where to operate. Ok, so this to me is slight madness. If you could achieve the same or better result by NOT cutting into a person, would you do it? How about rather than physically manipulating a tissue, we direct energy of appropriate frequencies into the body to change the atoms and molecules, so the body heals itself? This is totally possible if you understand the basics of interference patterns. Another thing- It's been proven that the signals from wave frequencies are 100 times more powerful than the chemical signals from drugs. This is why I'm such a big supporter of energy medicine & against drugs! Yeah, you heard me! :P Drugs are bad...mmmkay?? (In the voice of that character from South Park... The drugs are bad, guy, you know? HILARIOUS! Youtube it!) I'm also super excited about sound healing because I know it's the medicine of the future! I experienced the profound results myself the other day, which I talk about in a vlog on youtube called, "Leija's Space of Love."

Pure energy as it exists at the quantum level doesn't have time or space, it just exists as a vast continuum of fluctuaing charge. When we bring energy to conscious awareness, by our acts of conscious perception, we create separate objects that exist in space through a measured continuum- Meaning we create time and space by thinking we are separate. When you connect to your heart, which allows you to connect to the NOW, all that exists is love & light. There is no pain or disease in the NOW! This is something that modern medicine doesn't focus on. There is so much emphasis placed on suppression of disease, and really NONE placed on the idea that disease only occurs when you're feeling dis-ease! When you are feeling dis-ease, you are out of alignment with your source/God/Divine Consciousness/Love. Your natural state is one of harmony & joy. So why don't we work on getting you back into a state of harmony & joy and see what happens? Of course this is unrealistic under the umbrella of the Newtonian based, mask the symptoms with drugs, which only causes more dis-ease, half truths. We are quantic by nature! Life exists by quantic rule and behaviour! To reallly know the process of biology will always be indeterminately impossible because we can only measure what we've messed with! ONLY NATURE and everything natural can know biology!!! THE BIG GUYS WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO HEAL YOU! ONLY YOU CAN HEAL YOU!!! How do you do this? Do things that align with your highest potential. Think, what can I do to be the healthiest human ever? Well, I can eat lots of raw, organic, whole foods, exercise regularly, meditate, pursue my passions, avoid reading the news & watching tv, avoid ingesting toxic substances, and live in harmony with Mother Nature as much as I can. That I can do for starters, and see where it leads! As humans, I believe we are capable of SOOO MUCH!!! THE BIG GUYS don't want you do know this!

It's really up to each of us to find out what the truth is. We live in an information age- I mean, I feel so much light (information) coming from higher realms of consciousness these days that it's almost too much fun! There is so much out there, but it doesn't come through the vehicles of TV, media, news, Newtonian-based science, and FEAR. We need to start believing ourselves, over the powers that be. It comes through going within- listening to what your heart & soul have to tell you, rather than your conditioned mind! When you do anything that brings you a tremendous amount of joy, you are connecting to who you really are. The more you do this, the easier it will be to stay in alignment with your higher purpose. The more you meditate, connect with nature, and do anything that connects you to the NOW, the easier it is to listen to your inner wisdom, and the less influence the outside world has on you. You'll begin to know what's going on by the way you feel! You don't need the guidance of anyone but yourself! Energy medicine/healing is fabulous for connecting you to your source because it can remove energy obstructions before they manifest on the physical level. It's been solidified in the quantum physics realm of science that disease starts in the energy first. Physical manifestion is always secondary! So once again, energy medicine is the way to go!!!

I could definitely write a lot more, but just took a little scroll up the page and realized that I wrote a fair amount! Haha! I'll leave it at this for today! If you read this whole thing, YOU ROCK! I appreciate it and would love your feedback! Cheers!


  1. Thank You Leija for taking the time to post on this topic!!! I couldn't have said it any better and would love for you to write down a lot more! People need to hear this from a young voice like you. You are helping your generation rip off the chain of entanglement..

  2. I love your blog and your youtube videos!
    Your an inspiration to me :)
    Im a teen trying to spread the word about all things spiritaul. I love quantum physics and all the things you talk about! But no one cares to listen to me. Many people blow off what im saying because its not "Mainstream" Im trying to open the worlds eyes to how beautiful life can be! Thank you for your beautiful words and inspiration! You remind me to stay positive!

  3. Well....I guess I rock then! You rock too Leija as always. Great article!

  4. I was asking myself lots of questions of this subject and you answered ! thank you for this topic Leija

  5. I love your words, enthusiasm and brilliant mind. YOU ROCK! Thanks

  6. I have to tell you, I am very, very ill. I have a heart condition by the name of Postpartum Cardiomyopathy. I was given "maybe" 5 years to live. That was almost three years ago, when I gave birth to my little one. I had not heard of this until you mentioned it and now I am very, very curious. Could you guide me? I want to find out more. Thank you so much for your post. You never know, you may be the reson my life is saved. I knew I met you on FB for a reason! ; ) XOXO - Adriana

  7. Hi! I just found your blog following some links and am so happy I did! I am a raw vegan graduate student working toward my master's in clinical social work, mental health therapy, and am trying to cure myself of a rare, progressive neurological disease. It has stolen almost all of my mobility (used to be a collegiate athlete and can now only stand for 10 min max using powerful opiate medications) and causes me to be in terrible, burning nerve pain 24/7. I want nothing more than to be healthy and will do anything to cure myself.

    Cannot wait to read your blog!

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  9. I really felt something where opening up inside my body wile reading this. WOOW :) You are a really great writer. Thanks! I was getting a feeling of conection of ALL the people that are awakening NOW! I feel a powerful heart inside my body. Thanks <3

  10. Please keep writing more blog posts!! They are worth reading :D