Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shift Into The Reality of Your Dreams!

I feel that we live in a world of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!!! I feel that all possible realities exist right NOW- Each one is simply vibrating at a different frequency. If you don't like the reality (frequency) you're in, choose another one- Tune into another (frequency) reality by FEELING the reality you want to be in! Feel love, joy, and peace NOW and that will be your reality NOW! What frequency are you tuned into right NOW? If it ain't love, well, what up with that? Love is where it's at!!! The frequency of love is the only frequency that will allow you to experience the life of your dreams!!!

I feel that as a whole, we overcomplicate everything (mostly due to our conditioning.) Love, joy, peace, abundance- Umm, really not that complicated fundamentally. You want more love, peace, joy, abundance, start to feel those things. FEEL them...NOW! Even if you're in physical, mental or emotional pain to a small or large degree, you have the ability to tune into another frequency- to go from the frequency of fear, anxiety, pain, and disconnection to the frequency of love, light, compassion, gratitude, and joy. We humans have been given the fabulous gift of IMAGINATION and this is one of the main keys for the transition from disconnection to connection; From fear to love!

Here's something I recommend for those of you interested in tuning into higher frequencies and other realities- the reality of your dreams! Anyone can do this! Find a relaxing, quiet place in your home or in nature somewhere. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature, for example, on a beach in Hawaii. =) Imagine the warmth of the sun bathe your body- Feel the light of the sun move through your body, relaxing you and allowing you to release all worries. FEEL the light flowing through your body, through your heart, liver, stomach, etc. absorbing any negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you have, transforming them into positive, life affirming beliefs. In this beautiful place in nature, allow yourself to dream about all the abundance, beauty, love, and joy that's in your life right NOW- Go crazy- there are no rules in the dreamworld, right?

Everything that you want right now in life, regardless of how "unrealistic" it is, simply imagine that it's already in your life! Like I said, go crazy! Go beyond those boundaries you've created for yourself! Think the unthinkable! Whatever you want to be/do/have in your life, regardless of how "unrealistic" or silly, imagine that it's in your life right NOW! The more you do this, the more the line between "dreaming" and "reality" will blur and you'll begin to realize that they are one and the same. There actually are NO rules in this "reality" on planet Earth even though convention and maintstream want us to believe there are. The powers that be live inside a little box and want you to live inside an even smaller one! But you don't have to!

The only way to come to the realization that you can have/be/do ANYTHING is to FEEL this as much as you can. FEEL the infinity of your soul! Feel the infinite abundance and love that is available to you at all times! Feel as if the reality you want is here right NOW... because in essence, it is! It is here right NOW if you simply allow yourself into it- If you allow yourself to move yourself into alignment with it by shifting your frequency- By shifting your frequency into the frequency of LOVE!!! You can think about what you want but the language of the Universe (as many of you who are familiar with the law of attraction already know) is FEELING & EMOTION!!! The mind isn't the enemy- it can help you to get your foot through the door sometimes- It can help you get to that beautiful Hawaiian Island in your mind, but it's the feelings you experience that contain the REAL POWER- the power to shift you from apathy-mode... to love, gratitude & abundance mode! Feelings have the power to draw to you that which you are feeling! Feel nothing but love (the highest frequency) and you will attract nothing but more love, and everything that aligns with that frequency- beautiful and loving relationships, places, things, and experiences!!! You can go from "Life suuuuucks. It's so hard. I'm tired. BOOO!!!!" to dancing around your house doing a happy dance singing "Happy Happy Joy Joy" instantaneously! All you have to do is...ummm, just that. Get up off your butt and start dancing around your house singing "Happy happy Joy Joy!!!" If you want something to come into your life, you HAVE to BE it right NOW!!! Starting to get it? It's actually THAT simple!

I know, I know, your mind might be telling you that it has to be more complicated, but trust me, your mind knows diddly compared to the infinity contained with the realm of FEELING!!! Our conditioning has told us that it takes a long time and a lot of hard work for things to change, but this is pure rubbish! Of course our brains are physically wired a certain way as a product of our conditioning, but neuroscience has proven that we can rewire our brains with a little discipline! As I've discovered, it really doesn't require that much! If you can set aside 10-30 minutes (or longer) a day to visualize and feel the reality you desire, as if it's already in your life, you can begin to rewire your brain, raise your frequency, shift into that new reality and watch the people/things/experiences that match that frequency come flying into your life, sometimes at top speed! I kid you not! It's pretty freaking fantastic! Ok, that's my little rant for tonight! Bed time!

Just remember, YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY! Everything you are desiring right now is being set into motion. The thought you had a moment ago is manifesting into form right now!!! It's coming to you NOW!!! It's commmmming! Watch out! Make sure that you're keeping an eye on your thoughts, and more importantly, your feelings!!!

On that Hawaiian beach, allow the glitter of the sun on the water remind you of the glittering prizes that await you when you choose to FEEL the love within and around you!

May The Force Be With You! (Well, duh, of course it is!)

How about.... May You Take Advantage Of The Force That Is Within You & Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams!!!

-Leija :)