Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Beloved Dog Leo :)

Today my beloved dog (family member) made his transition from this reality to another. He is now ONE with who he REALLY is- an eternal light being that will live forever! Although he is no longer physically with my family & I, he will ALWAYS be with us in spirit!

When I close my eyes, I have tears of sadness roll down my face, because I long for that beacon of light that he was for me, for that pure unconditional love- I mean, Leo was truly an angel in a beautiful, soft & fluffy body :)) - nothing but a blessing to myself, my family and everyone who met him! I think the most "naughty" thing Leo did was once grab a large pizza & a gingerbread house we had on our kitchen table and ate the whole thing! LOL! Other than those silly moments that made us laugh more than anything else, Leo was the kindest, gentlest, most intelligent, most loving dog I've ever known! I even remember when my youngest sister Aria (when she was around 2 years old) would jump on top of him, pull his fur and he wouldn't growl or bite or do anything to defend himself. He'd just look up at me or my parents like, "Uhh... guys, could you help a brother out?" LOL! And we'd quickly run to his rescue! Ohhh, the memories! :)

I remember the day we got Leo (I was 12 years old). We brought him to our cottage in Muskoka and my three sisters and I did nothing but lay on the soft mossy earth and cuddle with the little guy! Right away, we knew that he was the right dog for us. We bonded instantly! It was like we were being re-united with a family member!

Leo was a definite nature boy and loved being outside regardless of the weather. He would even sleep in the snow for hours and hours! (Must have been the huski in him- he's a collie/ huski). I have so many fond memories of my family, Leo & I together out in nature... sharing in the simple things like a beautiful sunset, hiking through a beautiful forest together and then having a picnic together (yes, we used to take him on hikes and pack us all a lunch to share, including Leo- he'd get his own tasty treats)... and so much more! Seriously, Leo made every outdoor adventure super fun because he was always radiating so much joy! He was a constant reminder of the fact that it really is the simple things in life that are the most joyous, beautiful & meaningful! :)

I feel deep sadness because he was my brother, my best friend, my companion... but I also feel a sense of relief knowing that Leo is now free from his frail body, from that severe arthritic pain that caused him to cry when he attempted to walk. Now Leo is now able to walk, run & jump around freely. In my mind's eye, I see him frolicking around a beautiful, lush green forest like he used to when he was a happy, little puppy! He's so happy, so free!

Leo, you taught me compassion, patience, unconditional love, and so much more, and for that, I am forever grateful!

Leo, you have ALWAYS been there for me! Whenever I would feel upset, you would always come near my side & place your head on my lap. Then you'd look up at me with those big, loving, beautiful green eyes.... and it always felt like you were saying,"Leija, I'm here for you, I love you & everything is going to be ok."

Anyway, I could talk about how amazing Leo is for hours, but I'm going to wrap this up and get some fresh air with my family. I'm currently in Peterborough Ont. Canada and it's gorgeous this time of year with all the colourful, changing leaves!

I do feel a little better already just expressing my thoughts about Leo. *Sigh* Ok, time to join the family.

Leo, we all love you so much & will never forget what a blessing you were in our lives!!!!


  1. My heart goes out to you--I have lost dear pets, and it's terribly sad.

    Still, how wonderful that he was able to be so sweet and inspiring in his life, and how lucky he was to have an owner like you!

  2. As I'm reading now your blog about Leo's passing, long rivers of tears are rolling down by face, feeling your sadness, his sadness about that day
    but also reassuring myself that whenever each of our times to pass will come, we will always reunite with eachother, eternally, infinitely...
    I loved so much your blog in his memory and I'm sure he is so greatful to his human family for helping him ease his pain and return to his real free and happy life once again, where he'll be patiently waiting for each of you, to greet, hug, kiss you and be by your sides when crossing...

    Our animals family members are Angels in furry and feathery bodies indeed and I am eternally greatful to our Creator/s for creating such pure, amazing souls!

    Have a blast LEO, wherever you may chose to be and someday we'll hang out and have a blast together:)


  3. I have lost my beloved cat exactly one month ago and have had terrible problems dealing with the huge loss. My 14-year old cat was my soulmate and the one I loved the most. Dealing with the fact that I can no longer touch his silky long hair or kiss his nose or take a nap with him causes so much pain.

    Reading this helped me a bit. It was important for me to have a chance to read something like this, from someone who feels the same way about animals and who also deals with a great loss. Thank you Leija.

    Heli from Finland