Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Achieve Instant Happiness- Anytime, Anywhere!

I believe that beauty and joy can be found everywhere- At all times, regardless of where you are! It's all around us if we simply shift our thinking from, for example, “Uggghhh... I don't want to go to work today. This suuuucks.... and why is that person staring at me?! Take a picture, it'll last longer!”... to “Life is a beautiful and precious thing! I'm on this planet to shine my light! I'm going to make today a great day at work! Sure, I'd rather lounge on a beach drinking fresh coconut water, but hey, it could always be worse! At least I have a job. That's something to be grateful for! I'm going to smile at this person staring at me right now.” The quality of our life essentially comes down to our attitude and perception of our experiences. You can choose to wear love & gratitude goggles, so to speak, or you can choose to wear fear & pessimism goggles. The choice is always yours! When you wear gratitude & love goggles, you're not afraid to shine. You see the bright side of life and smiling becomes a natural thing. :)

The simple act of smiling will instantaneously lift you up vibrationally and send ripples of happiness out into the world around you! If you smile at another person, not only will it make you feel better, it will mostly likely make the other person feel better as well! And when that person is feeling better, he/she will cause others to feel better, and so on, and so forth! I dare you to try this next time you're walking out and about in public- Make it a goal of smiling at no less than 20 people, and see how you feel after! It's easy! Think about it this way- It takes 20-something muscles to smile, but to frown it takes almost twice as many! It's actually easier to smile! :)

I'm a big-time nature girl, but currently live in a big, busy city. Even though I prefer more scenic, mellow environments, I choose to wear gratitude & love (and beauty) goggles. Even in the midst of people, concrete, loud noises and traffic, if I look close enough, I see that I'm really in the midst of a magical playground where everything in my path radiates beauty, joy or excitement in some way: The building off to the left has steam coming from the roof, but it has a beautiful red haze to it, on account of the big red sign below; the couple walking down the street smiling, laughing and completely engrossed in their conversation about politics or traveling or that time Dave drank half a bottle of Rum and then ate 12 hot dogs in a row (yikes!); the work of art hovering right above your head if you simply look, aka, the swirling pattern of white clouds that contrast so beautifully against the nuances of pink, purple and blue in the sky. When you live in the moment and open your eyes to the beauty around you, regardless of where you are, everything in the world feels magical and perfect.

When I walk down busy Bloor street to the local organic fruit market (which is 2 blocks away from my house! Cha-ching! Badda!), I see beautiful people all around me. I smile at almost everyone I come across which results in various reactions- Some smile back and others give befuddled looks like they're thinking, a) Do I know this chick? AND/OR, b) I wonder if she's on drugs?? Once I smiled at this beautiful woman walking towards me. She had the most gorgeous long, dark brown, silky hair. I stopped her and said, “Excuse me, I just have to tell you that you have absolutely gorgeous hair!” She looked at me with a funny smile and said, “Umm... I like men. Sorry.” I smiled, laughed and responded with, “Umm... so do I. I just thought I'd pay you a complement.” LOL! I guess she wasn't used to receiving complements from random women! Oh well. That's not always my experience. I complemented this random woman the other day who had ridiculously gorgeous eyes... WOW! I told her simply that and she responded with, “Thank-you! (*Smiling and laughing*) You are such a sweetheart! That's such a nice thing to say! You totally made my day!” I know a lot of attractive women who dislike complements from men about their physical appearance, mainly because they get it so often, but complements from other women are usually a lot more acceptable and welcoming. Personally, when a woman complements me, it puts a smile on my face. Even though it's simply an observation of my physical package, it's nice because I can feel their good intentions. I'm not insinuating that I don't feel good intentions from men- Many guys who complement me are genuine and simply want to pay a complement, but the experience is usually a bit different with men, as opposed to with straight women, for obvious reasons. ;)

Living in a big city you run into all sorts of interesting people. But I do notice, overall, that a lot of people walk around wearing extremely serious faces. It's an unfortunate thing to see so many beautiful people walking around with blank expressions or scowls on their faces. Have you ever seen one of those people who have what seems like a permafrown? It's the funniest thing! Well, maybe not the funniest thing, but it still cracks me up, especially when they look at me! It's like they're so absorbed in their worries or negative thinking that they're not even consciously aware that they're expressing it outwardly. It's written all over their face! Sometimes I'll walk by those people and wonder why they're so worried or angry. But I don't wonder too hard because I like to stay in vibrational harmony with my source, so I usually go back to smiling at people pretty quickly. =) Like I already mentioned, smiling is one of the easiest things you can do to raise your vibrational frequency, especially if you direct it at another person.

Our bodies are constantly generating patterns of electromagnetic fields of energy. When you're walking out and about, your movement is creating ripples of energy out into the world and mingling with the energy of everyone else. I feel that we essentially live in a divine matrix of energy. We are all a part of it, whether you want to admit it or not. When you're out and about in public, you are having an effect on everyone around you and everyone else is affecting you! Smiling with the intention of brightening someones day is probably more powerful than most of us realize. We are ALL emitting vibrational signals out into the Universe AT ALL TIMES, that attract like vibrations back to us!!! Many of you reading this are already familiar with The Law of Attraction, but I feel we can always use the reminder since life can distract us from time to time and suck us into thoughts of lower vibrations.

Every single thought you have is powerful- WE KNOW THIS- BUT, what numerous scientific experiments and studies have shown is that feeling and emotions are even more powerful!!! I read in some quantum physics book a while back that the electromagnetic fields around your heart reach anywhere from 100- 10 000 times farther than the fields around your brain! I don't remember exactly what book I read that in because I read so many books, but I remember that it was something profound like that! Since we're all connected, our EKG (heart) waves are constantly swimming with everyone elses EKG waves! And not only that, it's been established with double-blind scientific studies (that use EEG and EKG equipment) that, for example, when Person #1 is feeling love and directing it at Person #2, the EEG (brain) waves of Person #2 begin to attrain to the EKG (heart) waves of Person #1, who's sending that love! By smiling at another person with loving intention, you can quite literally influence the state of their mind! And you don't need to know anything about quantum physics or EKG/EEG Biofeedback Technology to experience this! I know that whenever someone smiles at me, especially a child, I experience an instant surge of joy on all levels! I'm sure you can relate!

Humans are the only organisms that use language to describe who, what, where, etc. we are in our planetary situation. All other organisms depend simply on reading the vibration. We're capable of reading the vibration, but most of us have been programmed to NOT listen to our feelings, but to make our decisions based on what other people tell us to do, or what we ourselves think is right based on our belief systems, aka. B.S.!!! But by denying our feelings, we lose one of the most important communication mechanisms that biology offers! Smiling is definitely an easy way to get us back into feeling good, but if you find yourself continually feeling unhappy, you need to ask yourself... well, why? Your feelings never lie. Just knowing that will allow you to give yourself permission to head back in the direction of what DOES feel good. If you're unhappy because you don't like your job or because a certain relationship isn't working out, you need to work toward moving away from those circumstances/ people and remember that happiness is your birthright! You are here to FEEL that light within, and allow it to glow and radiate out into the world!

Infinite beauty, love, power, creativity and wisdom are all contained within your temple (body). This infinite radiance within desires to shine outwards! It wants to express itself at all times! Choose thoughts, beliefs and activities that allow you to stay connected to who you are. Know that you can actually do anything you want in life! You make the rules! If you want to change something, you must be the change! That's what it comes down to I feel.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for today! If you're reading this right now, I hope you enjoyed my heart-felt ramblings! Oh, and just in case you're wondering, that adorable little girl with me in the photo above is Samantha. I worked as a live-out nanny a few years ago and she was one of the kids I looked after. We had quite the bond, as you can probably tell simply by looking at the photo! It was definitely easy for me to feel happy in the precence of such a pure and joyful being! Awww... I miss her!


  1. KerPOWWW! From Canada! What a gift to find a kindred spirit like you! Keep rambling in joy because it's filling a lot of void..hey I made a rhyme?!? Bless you, Your sister in spirit

  2. This was so beautiful to read!! I'll have this in mind from now on :D